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Radical Harvard Feminists Repudiate President Obama — Insist It’s Okay to Call Women “Sluts”

Following early negative coverage (in particular, on Professor Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection; on, linked to by Instapundit and reposted on The Blaze; and of course on this blog) about their war on women — at least their war on the sexually active women at Harvard Law School who do not enjoy walking by posters and flyers calling them “sluts” and talking about how few of them experience multiple orgasms each day — the radical feminists at Harvard Law School who put up the “slut” posters have upped the ante.

In apparently their first comments to the press about this matter, they’ve repudiated the view of both President Barack Obama and the head of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla), that women should never be called “sluts.”  It turns out that it’s okay to call women “sluts,” at least according to these radical feminists.

Recall the sources noted in the second and third paragraphs of the first post on this blog.  In taking a tough stance against anyone who calls any woman a “slut,” this blog mirrors the national consensus.  Just a month ago, national opinion leaders expressed broad agreement that it’s hate speech for anyone to call a woman a “slut” or talk about how much sex she’s having. Such “misogynistic and hateful language” is beyond the pale — as Sandra Fluke herself made clear, truly unforgiveable. As Rep. Wasserman Schultz put it in an interview on Meet the Press, “I don’t know any woman in America . . . that thinks that being called a slut is funny.” “All decent folks can agree,” President Obama remarked, that a woman should not be called a “slut” — the word has no “place in the public discourse.”

Apparently the radical feminists who put up the “slut” posters are not decent people, as late this afternoon they repudiated President Obama’s statement and defended their decision to publicly call their fellow classmates “sluts.”  At 3:25 p.m. today an article was posted on The Daily Caller website entitled:  “Fluke-associated ‘reproductive justice’ group hosts ‘Slut-Pride’ event at Harvard.”  The article was written by Caroline May.  Via the article — over objections that it was “silly” and “hypocritical” to do so — the leader of the radical-feminist group, “Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice” (HLSRJ), Kandis Brittany Wood, insisted that there was nothing wrong with them calling other women “sluts,” notwithstanding all the prominent liberal figures who had condemned any use of the word “slut.”  May reports:

According to HLSRJ President Kandis Wood, the group is being consistent with their use of the word “slut,” standing with Fluke to take back the word from those who would use it to denigrate women and working to redefine it to mean a woman who is in charge of her reproductive decisions.

“Obviously we are not using the word to insult or to contradict or to seem inconsistent, in fact I think it is more consistent with the LSRJ national stance on Sandra Fluke — the idea that a woman can either take [the word ‘slut’] back or even not want to use the word ‘slut,’” she told TheDC. “But the bottom line is a woman has the right and all humans have the right to be in charge of their sexuality and reproductive health, and taking advantage of that right does not make somebody a slut.”

Ron Meyer, spokesman for the conservative Young America’s Foundation, completely disagrees.

Meyer told TheDC that HLSRJ’s use of the word “slut” is “totally hypocritical.”

“If words matter how about you start by setting an example, and the best place to start is by convincing your own side first to follow the rules you expect others to live by — especially when your group is affiliated with Sandra Fluke — it is just silly,” Meyer said.

This blog will adhere to the national consensus that no woman should ever be subjected to being called a “slut,” and will continue to call on the radical Harvard feminists to take down their “slut” posters; apologize for having advertised their “Sex Week” events this week using the term “slut”;  admit that this use of the word “slut” was hate speech, in violation of the hate-speech prohibition put in place at Harvard Law School in 1995; and pledge never to use this term in any public communications in the future.

Update:  Early this evening, in a brief piece the Above the Law website came down hard on the radical feminists at Harvard Law School who are putting up posters and flyers calling other women “sluts,” linking to this blog (thanks!) in offering this advice:  “Honestly, calling female law students ‘sluts’ is just not a way to win an argument.”

Update 2:  Caroline May’s Daily Caller article is sparking some sharp comments on the Free Republic discussion board.


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3 thoughts on “Radical Harvard Feminists Repudiate President Obama — Insist It’s Okay to Call Women “Sluts”

  1. eagleeyedw on said:

    You understand that you are insane, right? Are you against SlutWalk too? Seems to me the only person who hates women and wants to shame them for having sex is the author of this blog.

    • Vaughn on said:

      This is the greatest response I’ve ever read. Thank you for writing this. And could the author of this esteemed blog stop calling women “radical feminists?” It is a negative term and women should not be called bad names, right? Or is it that you hate radical feminists? And so then it’s okay to name call…?

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