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Multiple Orgasms Each Day: How the “Harvard Law Sluts” Do It

As noted in the first post on this blog, the radical Harvard feminists who are currently holding “Sex Week” and who, to promote it, are putting up “slut” posters and “slut” flyers, and are writing “slut” on chalk boards, all over the law school, have been publicly critical of the 89% of women who do not experience multiple orgasms each day.  Here, again, is the key part of their “slut” flyer which advertised the March 26 “Slut Pride” event:

It makes you wonder:  how in the heck do the “Harvard Law Sluts” do it?  (Note that referring to the members of the Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice as the “Harvard Law Sluts,” this blog means no insult, but is simply honoring the position they expressed in an e-mail to this blog that “slut” is the politically correct noun that should be used to describe them, as in their view this is a term that, through frequent use to describe those who embrace the term, can “be reclaimed by woman who want to take control of their sexuality.”)

The answer — and an apparent explanation of why the March 26 “Slut Pride” event included a demonstration of sex toys — is revealed in today’s Harvard Crimson, in an article by C.C. Gong describing one of the “Sex Week” events put on by the Harvard Law Sluts, which featured a speech by Lisa Wade, a sociology professor at Occidental College.  The secret:  the Harvard Law Sluts apparently are not having all those orgasms by having sex with men.  Instead, they’re apparently having sex with women, and using the sex toys they emphasize so much (not, to be clear, that there’s anything wrong with that).  An excerpt from the article:

Wade said that 25 percent of college-age men have trouble getting an erection, and average sexual intercourse lasts three to seven minutes.

In addition, she said that women are so preoccupied with how their bodies look during sex that it detracts from their pleasure and that three quarters of women do not have orgasms during sex.

“Women who have sex with women orgasm 83 percent of the time, but only a third of that with men,” said Wade, eliciting a gasp from the audience. “Seventy-two percent of women fake orgasm, and even more so if in love, because they don’t want to disappoint him.”

Attendee Lynne S. Peskoe ’14 said she enjoyed the talk. “It was really informative and well-done in terms of not being preachy.”

Roberto A. Perez ’15 won a mini-vibrator in a raffle at the end of the event.

It’s certainly educational, possibly even entertaining, to finally learn how it is, apparently, that the Harvard Law Sluts are managing to achieve multiple orgasms each day.

But there is a potentially serious political aspect related to this revelation.

Reproductive-rights activists came to national attention a month ago as a result of an appearance in Congress by Sandra Fluke, who is part of the same organization as the Harvard Law Sluts, in which Fluke advocated for free birth control for women.

If, in fact, many of Fluke’s allies are achieving their multiple daily orgasms not by having sex with men, but by having sex with women and using sex toys, that would tend to undermine their argument that there’s a pressing need to provide them with free birth control.


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