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March 26 e-mail from Kandis Wood

From:  Kandis Wood
CC:    Laura Carwile <>
Date:   Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 2:01 AM
Subject:     Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice statement regarding Sex Positivity & Slut-Pride event

To whom it may concern:

Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice (HLSRJ) co-sponsored an event today as part of our Sex Week series of events. Of course, we’ve seen the “Stop the Hate!” blog about this event and are deeply saddened by it.

We are saddened because this blog clearly misunderstands the premise of Sex Week, and the support we have for all women, including our ally in the reproductive justice movement, Sandra Fluke. For more information about the ways we support this movement, please see our attached press release concerning today’s event.

We are also saddened that any student might feel as though our event title’s use of the term “slut” was a directed insult. It was not. Unlike Mr. Limbaugh’s comments that clearly directed the term at Ms. Fluke, the word “slut” in the event’s title was just that–a word in a title. It was not intended in the direction of any student, woman, or member of the Harvard Law School community. In fact, the word was used, at least in part, to indicate the intention of our speaker to address Mr. Limbaugh’s use of the term “slut” a few weeks ago.

HLSRJ’s events are intended to be open forums where diverse viewpoints can be shared in a healthy and productive way. Today’s event was one such forum. In fact, the first part of today’s discussion included a conversation about how the word “slut” could be perceived as one that is always-insulting (which is an appropriate stance) or one that can be reclaimed by woman who want to take control of their sexuality (which is also a valid argument). We do not assume to prescribe to one view; we would never limit ourselves in such a way.

In addition, HLSRJ’s events this week are absolutely optional. All members of our community are more-than-welcome to attend them, but by no means are required to do so. We would encourage those who have made quick assumptions about the premises of these events based on their titles to join us at one of our events, for their viewpoints and healthy critiques are always welcome.

HLSRJ’s Sex Week Survey results are posted on our Sex Week tumblr ( Completion of the survey was also completely optional and was, of course, anonymous. In no way are the results of the survey meant as criticisms or endorsements of specific sexual acts. Yes, the survey is about sex. But, this is Sex Week. HLS community members who do not wish to read the survey results do not have to.

Although I am saddened that there are some inaccurate rumors circulating about HLSRJ, I am glad that we’re having this conversation. Different viewpoints on issues are healthy. I’d be much more concerned with the culture of the Law School if we all thought the exact same thing.

But, I see that we do agree on (at least) one thing: there is a war on women that must be stopped. There are multiple angles from which we can stop it. HLRSJ aims to secure reproductive justice (the right to make informed choices about one’s body, sexuality, and desire to have a family) as a means to promote the dignity and civil rights of women. Other organizations fight the war on women by focusing on other issues, ones that are just as valid.

It is HLSRJ’s love for all women that motivates our belief that all women deserve access to contraception, reproductive healthcare, and sex-education. The idea that there is “hate” for women involved in our mission is unfounded.

Please feel free to contact me or any member of our organization if you have any further questions. I hope that your blog followers will have the opportunity to learn more about HLSRJ and Sex Week through access to the information contained in this email and press release.


2 thoughts on “March 26 e-mail from Kandis Wood

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