Stop the Hate!

A blog dedicated to stopping the anti-woman hate speech at Harvard Law School, where women are being publicly called "sluts"


A blog dedicated to stopping the anti-woman hate speech at Harvard Law School, where women are being publicly called “sluts.”


Added (3/29):  Some commentators have complained that this blog is being published anonymously, for example here (“Dear blogger – why blog anonymously? It seems odd since you name drop HLSRJ members whose views you oppose. Show yourself and have a conversation, instead of hiding in cyberspace.”); and here (“Please stop hiding your anti-woman rhetoric behind a shield of anonymity that the internet provides.”).

Ordinarily this complaint would have merit, but these commentators have overlooked the unusual context here. This blog defends mainstream, traditional, conservative thinking on sexuality and particularly on the treatment of women.  Indeed, it defends the national consensus view articulated by major opinion leaders just a month ago that women should never be referred to as “sluts.”

Because this blog reflects mainstream, traditional, conservative thinking, it necessarily must attack the views of the radical Harvard feminists who organized “Sex Week” and who are advertising it with “slut” posters, “slut” flyers and, most recently, “slut” chalkboarding, or “hate chalk.”  Unfortunately, those are politically correct views which hold privileged status at Harvard Law School.

Because, by contrast, the views expressed on this blog are politically incorrect ones, they cannot be expressed at Harvard Law School under one’s own name, even in private, without the author(s) being faced with intense attacks directed at destroying the career of the author(s).  Anyone who expresses politically incorrect views at Harvard Law School, even in private, risks seeing the Dean personally intervene, using the national media, to attack the author(s) for expressing such politically incorrect thoughts in private, as this blog post by a law professor at another law school (linked to on the first post on this blog) examines.

The above probably makes a point that’s obvious to anyone familiar with the impediments to politically incorrect speech at Harvard Law School, but the comments appeared to be made in good faith (possibly the commentators aren’t at Harvard) and ordinarily the complaint would have merit, so it seemed important to have on this blog an explicit statement as to why the blog is being authored anonymously.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Random Guy on said:

    This is so deadpan. I wasn’t even sure if it was a joke or not until the “call Obama” part.

  2. HLS '10 on said:

    I still can’t tell whether or not this is a joke. “[H]elp encourage President Obama to stop the women who won’t stop the women who hate women.” HLS is the one community I can think of that might generate a joke about governance feminism as elaborate as this. So maybe it’s some Janet or Duncan student poking fun? On the other hand, it seems a bit too involved to be a joke.

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  4. BD_2026 on said:

    So you admit your view is the politically INcorrect one? Good. That’s all I wanted.

  5. Miss E on said:

    I graduated from Harvard Law School last year, and I think the public display of fellow HLS students’ names on the internet in this way–while decidedly remaining anonymous and attempting to defend your rationale in doing so–is disgraceful. Know that HLS is (like many, many university campuses) a BUBBLE. Stated most generally, what upsets you there should be resolved there. That would be the mature way to handle things and might actually bring about the dialogue and harmony you seem to want. Unless you actually want MORE bullying. But, back to my main point: it seems quite cowardly to appeal to so-called mainstream and traditional ideologies to defend your decision to hide and then justify publication of others’ names with a “well they disclosed elsewhere” sentiment. I’m all for blogging about your thoughts, and substantively I even agree with your discomfort of supposed slut posters everywhere… but what a crass way you’ve chosen to do take issue with it.

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